First, to achieve the right result and principled design, we began to study and analyze how we work, organizational chart and internal relations to gain a proper understanding of the current situation.

The structure of BAT is run as a core, each department has its own management and is related to the overall management. To better understand the company’s activities, we designed several diagrams from the behavior and presence of employees during the day, to how to send reports and relationships within the organization, and then reviewed these relationships.

In the next step, we prepared questionnaires for BAT employees and asked them to mention their demands and expectations from the work environment in addition to the problems and issues they face on a daily basis.

In doing so, we pursued two goals: first, to hear the problems from the users and not to be content with our own perceptions. Also, in designing spaces, we try to identify the spirit of each person and take it into account in the space that we consider for him.

After studying, analyzing and considering the existing capacities and potentials on the one hand and the organizational structure of BAT on the other hand, we came to this conclusion; Consider a completely fluid space in which management cores float. These cores were designed to be transparent so that while maintaining the openness of the space, they also provide the boundaries and privacy required by managers. Thus, intimacy, fluidity and transparency became the main parameters shaping the space. In the design of the whole space, the main idea was formed based on a borderless and transparent space to maximize the communication of the members.

In the open office space, the most important element that, in addition to being functional, also plays a role in shaping the space, is the desk. In addition to determining the scope of each person’s presence, the desk also plays an essential role in shaping and organizing the space. In fact, the desk and the desired workspace create memories and a sense of belonging. Ready tables, take advantage of this opportunity and in addition to designing tables and making them, we can integrate some of the functional needs in it. In addition to the table, the set we designed has the role of dividing the space, collecting and arranging cables and sockets (electricity, telephone, network, etc.) as well as a note board, vases and lights. There are cupboards next to all tables. Is placed to put personal belongings in it.

Due to the fact that color has a special effect and importance in spaces, the floor was covered with green color and the walls of most rooms and work spaces were covered with colored glass that could be used as a whiteboard.

In the Recreation area, which is located on the third floor, the space was divided into several different parts, the reception space, the space for reading books and, in fact, the space for watching TV, chatting and playing. This space helps a lot in the workplace. The lack of this space in the previous office had feeled.






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