Who We Are

Sara Kalantary and Reza Sayadian are practicing architects who founded Sayadian & Partners Design Ltd.

What differentiates them is the answers they give to the world around them, and a humble view, yet critical is easily traced in their works. Such view can be observed in numerous projects where unique solutions are rendered compared to typical methods of design and construction.

Respect for human being and habitat, and a constant search for finding appropriate ideas, are based on the fact that creating a world full of unique recommendations can alter people’s deduction towards possible phenomena.

For them, Architecture is a dynamic phenomenon. They look at it as part of the city so that it can create memories. Dynamic presence of human in the city and home, as well as the flow of life in them are the most invaluable part of creating a space which insinuate that architecture is the way to embrace the world.

Sarah and Reza’s works, with their unique approach and ideas, have managed to win several international as well as national awards. Students as well as university professors have also taken notice of their work, both inside and outside the country. Such occurrences have resulted in their works being published in many authentic books and magazines all around the world.

Our TU Wien Conference

Lecture at TU wien University December 2018
Issue: Sara Kalantary and Reza Sayadian’s approach to architecture

Our Team

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Jane Roe

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